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Our live auctions take place all day, every day. Use your TrivBids you’ve earned to bid on the items you want. Be the top bidder at the end of the auction, and you win the item! You complete payment with your TrivBids you’ve earned, once the auction has expired. 
You must complete payment with your TrivBids in order to receive the item.

TrivBids are earned by participating in our live events on Twitch, referring your friends to the site with your personalized referral link, participating with random events offered by Trivskins, or purchasing bids in our bid store. TrivBids are used for our auctions, as well as for our TrivTeam Triathalon events.

The TrivTeam Triathlon are the Lottery drawings we offer. Once the TrivTeam Triathlon prize has ended, all of our entrants compete in a live 3 stage event, which may consist of live trivia, races, luck based games, etc. The one player standing at the end will win the prize offered! Typically these prizes are larger, CS:GO Knives, Hardware, Games, etc.

You are able to make groups to hang out with your friends, and represent your group in the live games!

When you sign up, you will be asked for your username and password, and you will also be asked for your Twitch URL and Steam Trade URL. Trivskins needs these items to send you your winnings, and also track who is participating in the live games to earn TrivBids.

You are able to purchase bids in the Bid Store to participate in the Auctions and enter into the TrivTeam Triathalons.

Trivia Game Shows
Live Racing
Wheel Spins
TrivTeam Towers
Luck of the Draw.